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Paddock to Plate Tour

After taking a break from our monthly tours due to COVID restrictions last year, we are pleased to announce that we have reopened our Paddock to Plate farm tour for private group bookings.

The tour experience includes:

  • Welcome morning tea
  • Introduction to the farm, the Mauger family and our farming methods
  • Meet the Mob learn about our different breeds, how and why they are selected
  • Art of Butchery a demonstration from the Master Butcher, explaining each cut, what to look for when you buy and taking questions
  • The plate part! A sumptuous lunch of slow roasted Maugers beef or lamb rolls.


Please note:  Currently we can cater for groups of between 20 and 40 people, maintaining strict adherence to COVID safe guidelines.  The tour can also be tailored to suite specific requirements.  Contact John directly to find out more 0488 499 442.


Autumn Farm Update

As we emerge from a year of lockdowns and enforced hibernation, like many industries we are still feeling the effects of market volatility.  Stock prices are at an all-time high and this is driving up the cost of meat.  At Maugers, the emphasis has always been on care of the animals, the farm and the quality of the product and this it at the forefront of our minds going into Winter.

For the next few months, we are raising a smaller, hand-picked herd, minimising our risk and focussing on the long-term health of Laurel View Farm.  I am adding electric fencing to create smaller paddocks, turning one paddock into four or five smaller ones.  With my smaller herd I can run one mob, feeding one paddock for a day then moving on to the next, leaving that one to rest until we rotate back.  This ensures there is no selective grazing and there is a concentrated number of cows leaving fertile manure and aerating each paddock.  This technique supports our continued exploration of regenerative farming practices.

With the end of the drought last year we have had perfect growing conditions for pasture; warm moist and plenty of sun.  The sheds are full of hay and silage and we are well and truly covered for the Winter months.

I mulched the whole farm over the last few weeks and the Autumn pasture is emerging through the mulch.  We can see already that there is greater root density, humas and crumb structure in the make-up of the soil – this means our soil is getting healthier!

We completed a second round of soil tests and I can see where the deficiencies are.  I will apply liquid trace elements this month to bring about balance and once this is achieved I can maintain the levels with regenerative applications such as liquid manures,  silicas, compost brews and mulching.

The natural, regenerative framing techniques are designed to improve the health of the soil to the point of having healthy vitamin rich soil that produces high quality, nutrient rich grass for the cattle to graze on and ultimately better tasting, more tender and nutrient rich meat for the table.

Onwards and upwards.

John Mauger