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Locally grown on the Maugers farm just outside Robertson, our beef and lamb are 100% grass fed and produced using ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Every animal at Laurel View has been hand selected and grown slowly on natural pasture with plenty of access to food, water, shade, and shelter.

Our preferred breeds are Angus, Hereford, and Murray Grey cattle and Suffolk and Dorset lambs.  Grown slowly on grass, our breeds develop a good fat coverage leading to greater depth and flavour. We don’t use any chemicals, growth hormones or supplementary feed. The livestock is rotated through 10-acre paddocks growing slowly and stress free as nature intended.

A sustainable approach

Regenerative farming and sustainability have long been a cornerstone of the Maugers approach at Laurel View. Periods of climate uncertainty in recent years have meant that a sustainable approach is now as much of a necessity as an environmental and ethical consideration for farmers. Our goal at Laurel View is to not only maintain biodiversity and soil health, naturally providing great pasture for healthy animals but also to improve and build resilience long term – we’d love to be still farming here in 100 years.

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