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At Maugers we take pride in our traditional craft which we believe is as relevant today as it was hundreds of years ago.

We are passionate about the entire journey, starting with the quality of life led by the animals, through to the butchery process and finally offering advice on the right cut for your recipe.

We are a whole carcass butcher, meaning we break down the meat into smaller cuts ourselves. Our team of highly skilled butchers ensures that not only the process is done properly but that there is less wastage. Our goal is to elevate the entire butchery experience in line with our high-quality products and proud heritage.

Quality & Service

We have always believed, if you choose to eat meat, you should choose to buy pasture raised, free range and grass-fed meat that has grown slowly on natural feed, without added hormones or supplements. Choosing to buy your meat from Maugers means you know that it is coming from a considered source, where the quality of every cut is checked and meticulously prepared by our team. You can rest assured that the same care and consideration goes into our dry aged cuts as our handmade sausages, burgers and small goods.

We also believe in eating the whole animal and can assist you in finding some of the lesser-known cuts that are often packed with flavour and advise you on how to cook them. Conversations, custom cuts and special requests are always welcome.

Maugers Dry Aged steak


At Maugers we see the ageing of meat as a key part of the process from paddock to plate and we are proud to be the largest butcher in the Highlands offering dry aged beef, a heritage butchers craft going back centuries. Dry aged cuts are some of the most sought after due to their intense flavour and smooth texture.  Each cut is hand selected by our team, ensuring every Maugers dry aged steak really is the best of the best.

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The Mauger difference


We believe that the relationship between farmer, butcher and cook is something to be cherished. By choosing to buy from Maugers Meats, not only do you gain access to better quality and taste, you are also actively supporting local farmers and producers who are chosen by us for their ethical approach to land and animal welfare. The difference this makes is evident in the taste of the meat on your plate.