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Paddock to Plate Tour 2021

Unfortunately the unfolding COVID-19 situation in NSW has meant that we are postponing our next public tour on August 7 2021.  We hope to kick things off again in early October.

Our  Paddock to Plate Tour is still open for private group bookings (restrictions permitting).  We can cater for groups of between 20 and 40 people, maintaining strict adherence to COVID safe guidelines.

Please call us on 0488 499 442 for more information on our public tours or to enquire about booking a group tour (min 20 people).
Find out more about the tour below.

From our Paddock to your Plate

The Mauger family have been producing naturally raised grass-fed beef and lamb from their own grassy hills since the 1940’s. Their experience and investment in their meat and livestock is what sets them apart. Known for a sustainable approach to farming as well as two thriving Butchers shops and suppling many hotels and restaurants in the area, the Maugers name is synonymous with the very finest quality meat.

The real deal

As a Farmer and well as a Butcher, John Mauger has a deep understanding of the true Paddock to Plate journey. His knowledge of farming and raising livestock, right through to butchery, how to choose the right cut, cook it – as well as what makes great tasting meat is unparalleled.

This knowledge, as well as the desire to share and educate others about farming and the meat they eat is how the Maugers ‘Paddock to Plate’ experience was born.

These days, the first time many butchers see their meat is when it arrives, packed in cardboard and delivered to their shop. At Mauger’s we hand select and raise our own stock, grass feeding them naturally. We also age our meat 4-6 weeks to ensure maximum tenderness and taste
John Mauger, Farmer and Butcher

Maugers Paddock to Plate Tour

Visit Laurel View, the Maugers working farm to learn more about grass-fed beef and lamb production. Find out why raising livestock naturally on grass is better for the animal, the environment and the taste.

The 3-hour tour hosted by John and Vicki Mauger includes:

  • Welcome and morning tea.
  • An introduction to the farm, the Mauger family and their grass-fed beef and lamb farming methods.
  • ‘Meet the Mob’ take a walk across the paddocks to see the grazing animals amidst breathtaking Highlands views.
  • Learn about different breeds on the farm, how and why they are selected.
  • The ‘Art of Butchery’ demonstration, where the master butcher breaks down beef, explaining each cut, what to look for when you are buying your meat and taking questions.
  • The plate part! A sumptuous lunch of slow roasted Maugers beef or lamb rolls with homemade preserves.

What To Bring

Comfortable walking shoes, or boots in case of wet weather. Hats and sunscreen.

Take home packs

Your group might like to pre-order some sample packs of our grass-fed beef and lamb to take home. We offer three packs sizes for you to choose from $50, $100, $230.

Order forms can be provided to your group when you book, and your sample packs will be ready and waiting for you at the end of the tour.

(Don’t forget to bring an esky to transport your meat safely home)


Gift vouchers for 2021 now available 

Our $85 Gift vouchers cover the cost of the tour for one person and are valid for any tour this year.  Email us to purchase your voucher at [email protected]

A bit more about the farm

Locally grown on the Mauger’s family farm just outside Robertson our beef and lamb is 100% grass fed and produced with ethical and sustainable farming practices. The livestock are handled with care, living in a natural environment with plenty of access to food, water and shade. Our grass-fed beef and lamb are naturally pasture raised, free from antibiotics and added hormones – this natural, stress-free approach ensures the highest quality product.

Our goal here is to do right by the animal and also by the customer. Happy non-stressed animals raised naturally lead to wonderful tasting meat.
John Mauger, Farmer and Butcher

Why grass feed?

  • The livestock – are pasture raised, grazing unstressed in a natural environment free of hormones and antibiotics.
  • Great taste – natural farming practices and a 4-6 week aging process lead to tenderness and depth of flavour.
  • More nutrients – the healthier fat profile (omega 3), rich in antioxidants (vitamins A & E) means a more nourishing choice.


“John’s style is so warm, and we felt so welcome by the Maugers. We loved the informal nature of the tour, it was great to ask lots of questions. We came away with a new perspective and it will certainly change the way we buy our meat.”
Nicole, Sydney

“We brought our Stage 5 students to the Paddock to Plate tour. John was able to cater to our large group and ensure our educational objectives were met. The kids were engaged throughout with the butchery and sausage making demonstration a stand-out!”
Linda, Canberra

“You don’t get much more Paddock to Plate than this”
Doug, Wollongong

Group Bookings and School Tours

As well as running our monthly Paddock to Plate experience, Maugers also offers private tours to groups of between 10 and 40. These may be coach parties, school excursions or corporate offsite events.

For larger groups the program may be tailored to suit the specific requirements e.g. a deeper educational piece or Q&A, a condensed tour with or without food, or highlight a key area such as butchery or framing practices.

Please contact us directly to discuss options for a tailored ‘Paddock to Plate’ experience.

Note: pricing may vary according to group size and specific requirements.

A real butcher has to know their product inside and out, they must be able to offer advice not only on the cut of meat but often how to cook it too.
John Mauger, Farmer and Butcher

Next Paddock to Plate:

Food and Farm Experience

Hosted by John Mauger

  • Robertson, NSW
  • 3 hours total
  • Morning tea, Farm tour, Light lunch/meat tasting and more

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