Our Meat

From our Paddock to Your Plate

Beef & Lamb 100% Grass Fed in the Southern Highlands 
Our local premium quality meat is built on a long standing family tradition of raising our own 100% grass fed livestock. Farmed locally for generations on the family farm at Robertson in the Southern Highlands, our grass fed beef and lamb are naturally pasture raised free from antibiotics and added hormones. While many butchers first see their meat packed in cardboard delivered to their shop, we hand select and raise our own stock to ensure the highest quality product.

Once our fine quality meat arrives at our butcher shop it is specifically aged with a combination of processes to provide optimal tenderness. This process takes up to 4 weeks depending on the cut. Our meat is produced to a C3 depth ensuring a fat coverage, but a lean surface.

Maugers takes pride in the quality of our product and the service to our clients. Maugers Meat is now sold through two butcher shops, in both Moss Vale and Burrawang along with a home delivery service. It can also be found in some of the favourite Highlands restaurants and pubs and further a field. The Maugers brand has proudly become synonymous with the very finest quality meat from the Southern Highlands.

Featured Cut

Rump Steak 
Maugers Rump Steak is raised 100% grass fed on the family farm in Robertson, before being aged for 4-6 weeks to ensure tenderness and a unique flavour. Our Rump Steak has a nice fat cover and lean meat that is best grilled or fried.

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