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New Shop Opening in Bowral!

We are so excited to share the news that Maugers Meats is opening in Bowral!  Our goal has always been to make locally grown, high...

Recipe | Spicy Beef Chilli


Paddock to Plate Tours 2021 & an Autumn update from the Farm

Paddock to Plate Tour After taking a break from our monthly tours due to COVID restrictions last year, we are pleased to announce that we...

Recipe | Maugers Glazed Ham


Recipe | Italian Meatballs


Recipe | BBQ Greek Lamb


New | Maugers Dry Aged Beef

At Maugers, we see the ageing of meat as a key part of the process from Paddock to Plate. Dry aged cuts are some of...

Recipe | Sticky Pork Ribs


August Update Soggy Boots!

After receiving a whopping 560 ml of rain at Laurel View over the last two weeks the paddocks are still completely waterlogged in places (something...

Recipe | Osso Bucco


Making better choices with your meat

Our philosophy has always been around Paddock to Plate – long before it became ethically fashionable!  Our farm and butcheries have been supplying premium, sustainably...

Recipe | Oxtail Stew


Recipe | Moroccan Shepard’s Pie


Recipe | Beef Stroganoff


May Update Regenerative Farming

At the end of last year, we shared an update on how we are expanding our regenerative farming practices at Laurel View.  Long periods of...

Recipe | Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks


The rains came – what does that mean for your meat?

After a sustained and widespread drought across vast areas of the country we are fortunate to have received over 800mls of rainfall at Laurel View...

Recipe | Maugers Pulled Beef Rolls


Drought to flood – what a start to the year!

On a rainy misty day like today it’s hard to believe it’s still only February and what an unpredictable, dangerous and devastating start to the...

Paddock to Plate featured in The Fold

We welcomed The Fold to our Paddock to Plate tour last year and thought we’d share their fantastic write up here.  Love to Southern Highlands...

Paddock to Plate featured in Escape Magazine

We were very pleased to welcome the Editor of Southern Highlands own Escape Magazine to our tour last year.  Maugers Paddock to Plate features in...